Terry L. Hardmon Biography

Terry Hardmon was born in Jacksonville Florida where he graduated High School from William M. Raines High School in 1988. He joined the United States Army reserves in the 11th grade and completed 11 years as a SGT- Carpentry and Masonry Specialist. Concurrently with being a SGT, he pursued his college education at Florida A&M University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Construction Engineering Technology in 1995. He then commenced his construction career for a small general contractor in Albany Georgie- completing various Hud and School revision projects.

In 1997 Terry moved back to Jacksonville Florida and joined The Haskell Company a large design build company. At Haskell, Terry worked as a Project Manager up the east coast from Orlando, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC, Long Island New York, and New Jersey completing various projects such as, warehouses, schools, communication stations and parking garages and airport work including the first successful design-build 50 million parking garage addition with the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority.

In 2006, Terry moved to South Florida where he joined Catalfumo Construction in West Plam Beach as a Sr, Project Manager completing several school projects with the Palm Beach County School Board totaling over 60 Million.

Shortly after completing this work Terry joined Stiles Construction where was a Project Executive for 14 years. Terry has completed work in the public-sector, parking garage, government, airport, telecommunications, warehouse, commercial, office, retail, and mixed-use, Seminole reservation and casino projects, mid-rise office, and High rise residential mixed use apartments. In 2021 Terry advanced  full time with his company The Hardmon Company to partner with clients to fulfill project visions.

With over ½ billion dollars of direct management of successfully completed construction projects in the industry, Terry brings expertise of managing your project from beginning to the end “Turn Key”. He also specializes in developing strategic methods to overcome design, budget, and time constraints that often delay projects from coming to fruition.

Here are some of the projects that were directly managed by Terry

Albany Housing Authority Renovations -1 Million – ADA and closet additions to existing units. Albany Georgia( Project Manager)

Darton College -1.2 Million – ADA Renovated Existing College. Albany Georgia ( Project Manager)

Pinewood Elementary-5 Million -100,000 sf Elementary School Addition. Mims, Florida (Assistant Project Manager)

Titusville High School-5 Million – 80,000 sf Science Lab Addition. Titusville, Florida (Assistant Project Manager)

Orlando Airport Parking Garage -50 million – 1,000,000 sf Parking Garage Addition. Orlando International Airport, Orlando, Florida (Assistant Project Manager)

Baggage Conveyor System-8 Million – New Conveyor System for major airlines on and existing operating conveyor system. Orlando International Airport, Orlando, Florida. (Project Manager)

Merillat Manufacturing Facility -13 Million – 265,000 sf Cabinet Manufacturing Facility. Ocala, Florida. (Project Manager)

U.S. Navy Equipment Engineering Shop-4.3 Million – 35,000 SF Heavy Marine Corp. Engineered Metal Building. Albany, Georgia (Project Manager)

Merillat Manufacturing Facility Renovations -1 Million –320,000 sf new roof and miscellaneous renovations during an operating cabinet manufacturing plant. Culpepper, Virginia. (Project Manager)

Cable & Wireless USA Cable Station -12 Million– 25,600 SF Telecommunication Cable Station with redundant MEP Systems constructed in Union Construction area. Long Island, New York (Project Manager)

Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority Falls Church -12 Million– 1,272 Space Precast Parking Garage. Falls Church, Virginia. (Project Manager)

Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority Rockville -13 Million– 1,298 Space Precast Parking Garage. Rockville, Maryland. (Project Manager)

Signature Flight Support Facility– 21.5 Million- 100,000 sf Private Airplane Hangar Support Facility and Road improvements. (Project Manager – Preconstruction Services)

Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority Huntington -27 Million– 1,295 Space Precast Parking Garage and Pedestrian Bridge. Huntington, Virginia. (Project Manager – Preconstruction Services)

Gator Run Elementary – 4.3 Million – 50,000 sf Elementary Addition to an existing school. Weston, Florida. (Senior Project Manager)

Coral Sunset Elementary School -9.8 Million – Multi Phasing New Two Story School Addition and entire school MEP upgrade on an existing operating school. (Senior project Manager) Boca Raton, Florida .(Senior Project Manager)

Hammock Pointe Elementary School – 12.4 Million– Multi Phasing New Two Story School Addition and entire school MEP upgrade on an existing operating school.Boca Raton, Florida (Senior Project Manager)

Boca Raton Middle School –28 Million – Complete 250,000 sf New Age Middle High School and Athletic Field. Boca Raton, Florida (Senior Project Manager)

Veranda Falls Publix Shopping Center –30 Million – 136,000 sf of upscale retail/restaurant spaces anchored with a Publix Super Market, Starbucks, and Wachovia Bank. Pt. St. Lucie, Florida (Senior Project Manager)

Palm Beach Zoo Animal Hospital – 3 Million – 12,000 sf New Animal Hospital. This is a Gold LEED Certified Facility. Palm Beach, Florida (Senior Project Manager)

Meadowbrook Elementary Cafeteria Addition – 12 Million – 18,000 sf new cafeteria addition and existing school rennovations. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (Senior Project Manager)

Tropical Elementary Classroom Addition – 11 Million – 18,000 sf new cafeteria addition and existing school renovations. Ft Lauderdale, Florida (Senior Project Manager)

Courtyard Shops at Wellington -$800,000.00 – Cosmetic upgrades to existing shopping center. Wellington, Florida. (Senior Project Manager)

 Mercedes-Benz of Fort Lauderdale and Pembroke Pines -1.1 Million – Cosmetic upgrades and additions to the exterior and existing showroom and service areas during an operating facility. Ft Lauderdale and Pembroke Pines, Florida. (Senior Project Manager)

Publix Biscayne -12.5 Million – New Publix and Retail stores with a 2 story parking garage constructed over the store. City Block Project. Miami Fl. (Senior Project Manager)

Publix Collins -13.5 Million – New Publix and Retail stores installed on top of a 1 story parking garage constructed in very busy Miami Beach FL area.. (Senior Project Manager)

 Brighton Public Safety and Administration Building -27 Million – New Public Facility and Administration Building Headquarters, Okeechobee, Florida (Project Executive)

 Brighton Casino Renovations- 2 Million- Upgraded the HVAC system and other miscellaneous interior renovations during an occupied facility, Okeechobee, Florida. (Project Executive)

 Chupco Hope Recreation Center 5 Million – New community recreation facility, Ft Peirce Florida. (Project Executive)

 Brighton Charter School -8 Million – New Gymnasium and Classroom Addition Okeechobee, Florida (Project Executive)

 Brighton Townhomes -4 Million – 16 New Town Homes, Okeechobee, Florida (Project Executive)

 Immokalee Townhomes -4 Million – 16 New Town Homes, Immokalee, Florida (Project Executive)

 Hollywood Townhomes -5 Million – 16 New Town Homes, Immokalee, Florida (Project Executive

Tampa Hardrock Casino Renovations – 10 Million – Various high upgrade renovations to several casino units while ongoing operations. (Project Executive)

Immokalee Hotel and Casino 27 Million – 4 story hotel and casino, Immokalee Florida (Project Executive)

Hollywood Gymnasium – 10 Million – New community recreation facility with full basketball gymnasium. (Project Executive)

Big Cypress Medical Facility -12 Million – New 2 story Dental and Medical Facility, Clewiston, Florida (Project Executive)

Gardens of Millenia Academy Sports and Retails – 13 Million -New Academy Sports facility and two Retail Out Parcel Buildings (Project Executive)

Graybar Warehouse – 4.5 Million – 500 SF Warehouse Buildout, Dania beach Florida (Project Executive)

501 East Las Olas Renovations -5.1 Million – Existing 3 story complete façade renovation and interior improvements, Fort Lauderdale Florida

Woodfield Apartments New 59 Million -11 Story Residential and Retail Building, West Palm Beach Florida (Project Executive)

Antioch New Missionary Baptist Church 16 Million – New 2 Story Modern Church Facility 56,000 SF, Miami Gardens, Florida (Construction Manager)

Sistrunk Donnas Caribbean Restaurant  2 Million -New 1 Story Caribbean Style Restaurant, Ft Lauderdale Florida (Construction Manager)

17th Street Retail Center and Donnas Caribbean Restaurant  5 Million -New 1 Story retail space 6,000 SF and Caribbean Style Restaurant, Miami Florida (Construction Manager)

Wright Dynasty Mixed Use Residential Building 14  Million -New 6 Story Residential and Retail Story Building, Downtown Urban Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (Construction Manager)

In The Word Ministries Homes 3  Million -New Multi Single Family Residential

Downtown Jacksonville Florida (Construction Manager/Developer)

Future of Cities 20 Million – New Community Development Art and Community District, Jacksonville, Florida (Construction Manager)

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